Ambarita is a small village at Samosir Island, Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia. It is at walking distance from Tuk-tuk. There are some guesthouses and hotels to be found in Ambarita as well as some small restaurants. But what Ambarita is known for is the ancient court yard in a beautiful setting of traditional Batak houses.

Nearest Destination

Tuk Tuk are the traditional villages that is a truly exotic village on the coast Lake Toba. Tuk Tuk within 4 kilometers from Tomok, Tuk Tuk lies fairly close to the gate of the island. In fact, Tuk Tuk be the resting place of the most favored by tourists both local and foreign during their vacation on the island. Arriving in Tuk Tuk, you might admire the arrangement of the village that are quite neat and clean, which is able to be a magnet that you willing to stop by and enjoy your evening on the island. Tuk Tuk, you can also find a wide range of Batak culture, including handicrafts such as a dazzling Batak wood carving, many kinds of Ulos, you can also enjoy music and dance performances of traditional Batak that is played by Gondang and displayed through dance tor tor. To get to the Village ...