Pleasantly situated on the south shores of the incredible Lake Toba, the TB Silalahi Center, which includes the Batak Museum is a complex dedicated to the preservation of the cultural values of the indigenous ethnic population of North Sumatra: the Bataks.

The complex itself is located at Jl.Pagar Batu No.88 Silalahi Village, by the town of Balige, about 250 Km from Medan, capital of North Sumatera Province. The complex is established by -and is named after- the prominent Batak personality: Tiopan Bernhard Silalahi who has played an important role in North Sumatra’s and Indonesia’s history. He served as Minister for Government Bureaucratic Reform from 1993-1998, and is currently member of the President’s counseling board forMilitary and Defense .

At the heart of the complex stands majesticly the Museum Batak with its modern design, highlighted with a composite aluminum exterior, conveying a futuristic feel to the traditional Gorga motives.

Nearest Destination

North Sumatra isn’t only about Toba Lake and Batak Tribe. The island also holds some historical sites like Hutabolon Museum. It is a well-known tourist spot in Simanindo Village. You can reach it by visiting Samosir Regency. What makes the museum popular? Actually, it was a traditional house. Also, it is the inheritance of Sidauruk King. The government turned this house into a museum in 1969. The museum is surrounded by several traditional houses. It features some reminiscences of Batak tradition. These include Solu Bolon (a traditional boat), tunggal panaluan, and much more.