Batutumonga is a city that is located in the mountainous areas and offers a refreshing landscape of Mother Nature. It is common for you to go around tourist spots that are located above the white puffy clouds and doubles the beauty of this natural view. The best time for you to enjoy a refreshing trip to Batutumonga is during the sunrise from way above the clouds. Guaranteed to be the best way to start your wonderful day.

Nearest Destination

Kete Kesu is a quaint, traditional village concealed in the mountainous region of TanaToraja, South Sulawesi. It sits amidst a vast expanse of rice fields, and is the oldest village in the Sanggalangi district. The village is over 400 years old, and is said to have not changed at all in the last 400 years. KeteKusu functions as a sort of living museum, where one can experience first-hand the culture and traditions of the ancient Torajan people. Kete Kesu is probably most recognized for its fascination with death, as shown through their extravagant funeral ceremonies, hanging graves and decorative burial sites. The Ke’te Kesu’ are said to have the most well-preserved megalithic culture and death-celebrating traditions in all of Toraja. This timeless town is home to about 20 families...