Chubadak Island is situated south of Padang in West Sumatra. The Island is deserted. A small resort with bungalows is run on the island. Diving expeditions can be organised in the area and snorkeling can done directly of the beach.

Nearest Destination

Carocok Beach is one of West Sumatra’s many tourist destinations located on the southern coast around 75 kilometers from Padang City. The clear soothing blue ocean water enriched with corals and fish awaits new visitors each day. Visitors have another option for entertainment aside from lying calmly on the sprinkles of whitish brown sand on the shore of the beach. There are many small islands around Carocok Beach, such as Kereta Island and Cingkuak Island. For those who cross the ocean to Kereta Island, many gazebos are available for a relaxing afternoon in the sun.