Mount Ijen, famous for its Ijen Crater, is one of the active volcanoes in Java. Standing at 2,443 above sea levell, the crater is surrounded by a wall as tall as 300-500 metres. The Ijen Crater is frequently visited by travelers from both domestic and international. The area is located between three regencies; Situbondo, Bondowoso and Banyuwangi.

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Marvel at the richness of culture and picturesque nature of Banyuwangi, the Sunrise of Java. Meet the Osing Tribe of Kemiren Village, who are still eagerly preserving their ancestor's elaborate tradition and rituals. The history of Kemiren dated way back to the time of the fallen days of Majapahit Kingdom. Where many of the population fled to various region to start a new life. The ancestors of the Osing then resides in the eastern part of Java named Banyuwangi and promptly established the Blambangan Kingdom. They declined to move back to Majapahit, and therefore named as the "Osing" people, which in their language means "no”. After 200 years of glory, the Hindu Buddhist culture of Blambangan then overthrown by the rapid growth of Islam, which led to the new reign of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom...