Ngurbloat beach or known by the town of Tual as Pasir Panjang Coast is a stunning beach, located in the village Ngilngof, in the west of Little Kei Island. The journey about 20 kilometers from Tual, the capital of Southeast Maluku regency.

White sand that extends about 5 km, thousands of coconut trees that lie off the coast, crystal clear blue sea and the waves are calm will make you stand for long in this place. This area is still very natural and clean of tourist area that is easily reached by residents on the island of Kei.

Ngurbloat privilege is the sand beach. In addition to a stretch of sandy beach is very wide, the color of bright white sand beaches Ngurbloat and the texture is very soft and smooth. This condition that makes the difference Ngurbloat with other beaches. In overcast conditions, sandy beaches still look shiny, and quite dazzling. Sand softness in Ngurbloat, believed to be the only matched by the softness of flour. This condition that makes the difference Ngurbloat with other beaches. No wonder Ngurbloat known as the White Sand beach with World's Most Subtle. At the time of the heat, sand beach is not such a hot sands of the beach in general.

Nearest Destination

Hawang cave is one of main destinations located in Kei Kecil Island, Letvuan village, Maluku Tenggara district, Maluku Province. The cave, surrounded by beautiful jungle, is 15 km away from Tual city. Inside Hawang cave is pond there is bluish clear water allowing you to see the rocks underneath clearly. This pond is directly linked to Evu (the water source), which happens to be the biggest in Kei Kecil island. Hawang cave is divided into two different caves connected by an underground river. You can go to both caves and dive through the connecting river. The cave has a legend. There are two rocks (one big and one small) at the centre of the pond. The legend says that those used to be a hunter and his dog. A long time a go, there was a hunter and his dog chasing a hog running into the ...