Replica of Muhammadiyah Elementary school Laskar Pelangi Village is located in Hang subdistrict Lenggang East Belitung. From Airport Tanjung Pandan HAS Hanandjoeddin can be traveled with a journey time of 1 hour. Since the rise of the novel and the film Laskar Pelangi, to Belitung Island is increasing from year to year. Other positive effects that began to squirm and economic growth after the decline of tin mining community in Dublin.

Muhammadiyah Elementary School Laskar Pelangi today is actually only a replica of Muhammadiyah elementary school, which has been renamed MTS Muhammadiyah is located not far from the current location. Something very interesting of Muhammadiyah elementary school rainbow irregulars are even movie Laskar Pelangi has been played in 2008, but Muhammadiyah elementary school still remains an idol for tourists.

Nearest Destination

Museum Kata Andrea Hirata is located on the street Laskar Pelangi 7, Gantong, East Belitung. The atmosphere that presented in Laskar Pelangi novel will immediately felt when we arrive in front of this museum. The photos that been posted on museum hall tell about the journey of literature that become one of Belitung’s pride. When coming to this museum, the visitors will be invited to commemorating the novel of Laskar Pelangi. It starting from the trailer page until the main story that becomes the best-selling novel and turned into a box-office movie in Indonesia. Entering the museum, we will see photographs of the author with inspiring sentences. One of the inspirational words is "Keep on dreaming, for God will always hugs you”. In addition, there are also excerpts from the novels which ...