Suhi Suhi Village is similar to other settlements located in Samosir Island. It offers a stunning view of Toba Lake and majestic scenery of Pusuk Buhit Mountain. Not to mention it is surrounded by local traditional houses called “Jabu Bolon”. Some women are seen there, creating Ulos (Batak’s traditional fabric). Near to those houses, some local tombstones are also visible, emitting creepy nuance.

With all these attractions, tourists should never forget to carry their camera. Also, it is recommended to come with a tour guide, as he becomes an important guide and interpreter during the vacation.

Nearest Destination

The number of tombs and relics of the days of the megalithic makes this village as one of the cultural Batak’s sites are quite famous among tourists.  Its location is also facilitate the tourists visiting this place. Great tomb as the tomb of King Sidabutar and his family, Sigalegale Statue and Batukursi Tomok. You could also learn how to dance “Ulos Dancing” in here. Photo: