Many of us have seen real life dolphins, whether in zoos, aquariums, or animal shows, but watching schools of dolphins darting across the open sea, or swimming merrily alongside your boat is an entirely different experience altogether.

The herds of wild dolphins diving freely beneath the crystal sea, coupled with sandy white beaches against a backdrop of a clear blue sky are key elements representing the unabridged natural beauty of Kiluan Bay.Though 10 years ago Kiluan was relatively unheard of, even among the locals of the province, this beautiful and tranquil spot now attracts tourists from around Indonesia and abroad. The gulf is located in Kiluan Village in the District of Tanggamus in Lampung Province, South Sumatra.

Kiluan Bay functions as a migration path for two species of Dolphin; the Bottle-nose dolphin and the Spinner dolphin. The number of these amazing marine creaes that pass through the bay is estimated in the thousands, one of the largest number of migrating dolphins in the world. Beaches around the bay are also nesting grounds for two species of sea turtle; the green sea turtle and the hawksbill turtle.

Kiluan is often compared to Lovina Beach in north Bali which is also known as a ‘dolphin spotting’ area. Unlike Lovina, Kiluan has two species of Dolphin, and they are much easier to spot due to their sheer number. The dolphins are also very out-going creatures and are happy to approach the boats, beckoning to the guests with a friendly welcome.
Dolphins can be seen weaving their way between the waves just 20 minutes from the coast. A variety of boats can be chartered from the locals to take you out to sea, such as the bercadik – a small boat that carries a maximum of 3 guests plus 1 guide / boatman.


Nearest Destination

Pahawang is the name of the village in the Punduh Pidada district, Pesaran Regency. The ​​1,084 hectares island is located not far from the Punduh Gulf is and divided into two islands, namely Great Pahawang and Small Pahawang. Pahawang Island has six villages, namely Suakbuah, Tema, Jeralangan, Kalangan, Pahawang, and Cukuhnyai. To reach Pahawang, travelers must use a motor boat for about an hour's ride from Ketapang pier on Padang Cermin district. The trip to Great Pahawang island can be enjoyed with crystal clear sea water view and many marine animals that can be seen from the boat. The boat usually docks at to Great Pahawang, which is home to most of the population. The travelers usually stay at the hotel or homestay in Great Pahawang. To enjoy the nature and underwater scenery ...