Not so long ago, in the year 1994 to be exact, an Australian citizen named Warwick Pursen Larsen came across a small village located near the city of Yogyakarta. Upon entering the village, Larsen was immediately captivated by the charming countryside. This led to the cute little village being established as a tourism village known today as the Tembi Tourism Village.

Unfortunately, the village also had to struggle through the massive eruption of Mount Merapi in 2006. Located in Timbulharjo Village within Bantul Regency, some 8.5 km from Yogyakarta, the village managed to survive this catastrophe of nature and transformed itself into the village we know today: a fun place where you can learn about, not to mention be involved in, all sorts of traditional activities.

We were ecstatic at the idea that this village holds so many fun activities and sights to see. The alluring batik gallery, cute cottages, unique restaurant, and lovely art gallery are just some of the fun-tastic places for you to venture. But it doesn’t stop there; the village also has Rumah Budaya Tembi Museum (Tembi culture museum), which holds a variety of traditional collections such as traditional tools used by the Javanese, kris (traditional asymmetrical dagger), spears, farming tools, gamelan (musical instrument) and many more.

Now, it’s time for the exciting part: the activities! If you love one-of-a-kind fabrics, then this is the place for you. Here is where you can observe and learn how the locals make their distinctive handmade batik. You will also be taught how to make your own batik. But that’s not all. If you’re a more accessories-kind-of-person, the friendly locals will also teach you how to make other types of handicrafts, like wallets, baskets and other accessories.

Let’s catch our breath for a minute here because there is so much more to do in this cute little village. If you’re a cook at heart, then you can ask the villagers how to make some of their authentic food, like tempe dele (a soy-based type of food usually eaten as a side dish or a snack) and sagon (traditional cookie made from coconuts). The bonus? You can delightfully munch on your creations while you explore further into the village.

However, the journey into the heart of the village does not end there. Here, we can do so much more to help the locals and learn new and exciting things. Some other fun activities to do include plowing the fields, catching some ducks or eels, exploring the rice fields, building scarecrows and many more.

We love this village because of the seemingly endless adventures we can experience during our stay. So what else are you waiting for? Come book your journey now for an unforgettable authentic Indonesian experience.

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