Seblat Elephant Training Center (6,865 ha) was established to tame wild elephants of Sumatra, to foster the elephants to be more useful for the community, and also to assist in the breeding of wild elephants.

The conservation offers a variety of fun and challenging outdoor activities including feeding and bathing the trained elephants, riding the elephants with the mahouts (trainers) through the jungles, and even forging across the Seblat River on an elephant’s back.

Destinazione Più Vicina

Fort Marlborough was built between 1714 and 1719 and was famous as the second-strongest fort built by British in Asia. The fort has a rectangular layout, with an arrowhead-shaped bastion on each corner. The entrance to the fort is in the southwest, protected by a ravelin. The fort encompasses 2.7 hectares, and stands on a site of 4.4 hectares.