Sumba is an island in eastern Indonesia. It is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands and is in the province of East Nusa Tenggara with area of 11,059.6 square kilometres.
To the northwest of Sumba is Sumbawa, to the northeast, across the Sumba Strait (Selat Sumba), is Flores, to the east, across the Savu Sea, is Timor, and to the south, across part of the Indian Ocean, is Australia.
Historically, this island exported sandalwood and was known as Sandalwood Island or Sandel Island. Sandalwood is a class of woods from trees in the genus Santalum. The woods are heavy, yellow, and fine-grained, and unlike many other aromatic woods, they retain their fragrance for decades. Sandalwood oil is extracted from the woods for use.
Sumba is one of the few places in the world where megalithic burials are used as a 'living tradition' to inter prominent individuals when they die. Burial in megaliths is a practice that was used in many parts of the world during the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.
Another long-lasting tradition is the sometimes lethal game of PASOLA. Pasola is a mounted spear-fighting competition from western Sumba, Indonesia. It is played by throwing wooden spears at the opponent while riding a horse to celebrate the rice-planting season.
The island and the very small islands administered with it are split into 4 regencies:
1. West Sumba : Waikabubak
2. East Sumba : Waingapu
3. Central Sumba : Waibakul
4. Southwest Sumba : Tambolaka

There is many traditional village in West Sumba. They are:
1. Bodo Maroto
2. Praijing
3. Weegali
4. Tarung
Tarung is home to the ritual of Wula Podhu, a several-week period of austere rites and rituals in November that ends with a day of offerings, song and dance.
This regency is well known as the place for PASOLA FESTIVAL every year in Sumba.
Beside the villages, you may find a beautiful scenery from the beaches and waterfall:
1. Lapopu Waterfall
2. Kerewe Beach
3. Marosi Beach
4. Watubella Beach

There is many unique destination may found in East Sumba. There will be a beach, sabana & savanna, and waterfalls. The destinations are:
1. Tarung Village
2. Rende Village
3. Puru Kambera Savanna
4. Warinding Sabana
5. Persaudaraan Hills
6. Tanggedu Waterfall
7. Walakiri Beach
8. Tarimbang Beach

In this area, you may find a salty lake called Weekuri Lake. You may swim into this lake. Others destinations are:
1. Bwana Beach
2. Mandorak Beach
3. Rattenggaro Beach
4. Mareha Bay
5. Lendongara Hill
(by wikipedia)

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  • You may start from The East Sumba (Waingapu) to The West Sumba (Waikabubak) or the other way around. The distance from this trip is 179KM.
  • Should you prefer to do a short trip in Sumba we recommend you to take a minimum 4 days to reach some good destination in Sumba.
  • 7 days transportation with driver, petrol, & parking.
  • 3 night accommodation at West Sumba (Sumba Hospitality/Mario Hotel) with breakfast.
  • 3 night accommodation at East Sumba (Villa Morinda/Padadita/Tanto Hotel) with breakfast.
  • Meals, Mineral Water & Snack at Car.
  • Tourism ticket from West Sumba to East Sumba base on the itinerary.
  • English speaking guide.
  • Souvenir.

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    • New Year (until 3 days after).
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    One of the joys of coming to Sumba is simply being here. From afar it could appear that there’s very little to do or very little going on. But it’s not difficult to find yourself very busy very quickly and nearly all visitors we meet regret not having budgeted more time. The trick is to meet people. The Sumbanese are essentially community based. Sumba has a highly stratified society based on castes. Especially in East Sumba.

    To find out what’s going on, drop into a village, sit down and ask them some questions. You will get far more news and a sense of how things are by sitting and chatting in a village like Prailiu or Rende.

    Sumba well known for PASOLA FESTIVAL. PASOLA is a mounted spear-fighting competition from western Sumba, Indonesia. It is played by throwing wooden spears at the opponent while riding a horse to celebrate the rice-planting season. The word pasola means spear in the local language and derives from the Sanskrit sula.

    According to legend, pasola originated with a woman from the village of Waiwuang. When her husband – a local leader – left home for an extended period, she believed him to be dead and eloped with a new lover from another village. After her husband returned, the woman still chose to stay with her new lover, and the two were married. To forget their leader's sadness, the people of Waiwuang held the festival of pasola.

    Originally the participants rode horses and threw spears at each other in an attempt to spill blood to the ground,as a way of thanking the ancestors for a successful harvest and ensuring another prosperous rice harvest.

    (by wikipedia)

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