The city is named after the Indian city of Ayodhya from the Ramayana epic. Yogya means "suitable, fit, proper", and karta, "prosperous, flourishing". The area of the city of Yogyakarta is 32.5 square kilometres (12.5 square miles). Yogyakarta is well known as never ending Asia for its endless attractions and appeal. From natural wonders, local art and traditions as well as the adventure. Yogyakarta was divided by 4 Regencies :
1. Kulon Progo
2. Sleman
3. Bantul
4. Gunung Kidul

BOROBUDUR TEMPLE : this is the world’s biggest Buddhist monument, an ancient site widely considered to be one of the world’s seven wonders.
Built in the 9th century during the reign of the Syailendra’s dynasty, the temple’s design in Gupta architecture reflects India's influence on the region.
PRAMBANAN TEMPLE : Prambanan is a magnificent spectacle and declared a World Heritage site in 1991 by UNESCO. The biggest temple is dedicated to Shiva – the destroyer, and the two smaller ones which sit on its right and left are dedicated to Brahma, the creator, and Wishnu, the sustainer.
RATU BOKO TEMPLE : this temple is an archaeological site in Yogyakarta near to Prambanan Temple. This site is located 196 m above the sea level and the most beautiful sunset ever in Yogyakarta. On the south side on the pendopo, there are three miniature temples with a square stone basin in front of it for a religious purpose.
PLAOSAN TEMPLE : This is one of the Buddhist temples located also near to Prambanan Temple. Plaosan temple was built in the mid 9th century by Sri Kahulunnan.
The Plaosan temple complex is made up of 174 small buildings, 116 are stupas and 58 are shrines.
SULTAN PALACE : The Palace of Yogyakarta is a grand complex that was meticulously planned to reflect the Javanese cosmos.
This splendid example of traditional Javanese architecture has no equal. Designed and built in stages, the Palace was completed in 1790.
TAMAN SARI WATER CASTLE : Tamansari was originally built for multiple purposes yet now only several buildings remain. The name has a meaning of means an area of a beautiful garden adorned with flowers. Built in the mid-18th century, the Taman Sari had multiple functions, such as a resting area, a workshop, a meditation area, a defense area, and a hiding place.
FORT VREDEBURG : was a former colonial fortress built inyear 1760 by Dutch Colonial, located in the city of Yogyakarta. The military complex has been converted into an Independence Struggle Museum which was opened in 1992. Fort Vredeburg which in Dutch language means "Peace fort" due to peaceful co-existence of the fort and the Keraton of the Sultan.
SENTRA GUDEG WIJILAN : The street is the centre of Yogyakarta’s famous food called Gudeg and it open almost 24 hours every day. This place near to Alun Alun. There is a plenty of variant of GUDEG that you may find in this area. Taste the authentic Yogyakarta’s cuisine from here.
TEMBI VILLAGE : A small village with many kind of village activities such as, Batik Painting, Crafting, Mask Painting, and Art & Craft.
You may interact with local people while you here and if you want to spend more than a day in here, there is many convenience guest house in this village and it surrounded with a rice field.
KOTAGEDE : Kotagede was previously the capital city of Mataram Kingdom which was established in the 16th century. Some of the remains of the old Kotagede are remains of the palace, the royal cemetery, the royal mosque, and defensive walls and moats. Kotagede is well known internationally by its silver crafting.

1 hour 10 Minutes

  • Garuda Indonesia 05.20 - 06.35
  • Batik Air 05.40 - 06.50
  • Airasia 05.50 - 06.55
  • Citilink 07.10 - 09.00
  • Garuda Indonesia 08.00 - 09.20
  • Batik Air 09.10 - 10.20

  • Batik Air 13.45 - 14.55
  • Garuda Indonesia 14.10 - 15.30
  • Citilink 14.40 - 16.10
  • Garuda Indonesia 15.05 - 16.25
  • Citilink 15.40 - 16.40
  • Batik Air 16.00 - 17.20
  • Airasia 16.10 - 17.15
  • Garuda Indonesia 16.20 - 17.40
  • Sriwijaya 17.45 - 18.55
  • Batik Air 17.45 - 19.00
  • Garuda Indonesia 18.20 - 19.40
  • Batik Air (HLP) 18.50 - 19.50

    *) Early flight to Yogyakarta and Late flight to Jakarta are highly recommended to maximize your trip in Yogyakarta.
  • PREZZO : Inizia
    DAY 1
    Meet and Greet at the airport
    Prambanan Complex
    Check in at Prawirotaman
    Sunset at Parangkusumo
    DAY 2
    Heading to Manohara for Sunrise at Borobudur
    Or directly to Borobudur Temple
    Exploring Beringharjo Market
    Sultan Palace & Tamansari
    Vredeburg Fort & Coffee Time
    Kunci Tile Factory & Bakpia Factory
    Exploring Malioboro by Becak
    Sentra Gudeg Wijilan
    DAY 3
    Exploring Tembi Village
    Exploring Kotagede
    (Late flight for departure is highly recommend to maximize your tour)
    The above itineraries are subject to changed due to :
  • Weather & traffic.
  • Local tradition/tribe tradition.
  • Political condition.
  • 3 days transportation with English speaking driver, petrol, & parking.
  • 2 nights accommodation at Prawirotaman include breakfast.
  • Entrance ticket for Malioboro Tour Area.
  • Becak Rental in Malioboro.
  • Mineral water during trip.
  • Souvenir.

  • The above price consider as a PREMIUM and PRIVATE Tour for minimum quota of 2 persons per trip.
  • Price will be subject to changed without prior notice due to local economic situation in local area
  • Return Airfare to/from Jakarta-Yogyakarta-Jakarta
  • Meals (Yogyakarta has many variant of Resto/Cafe, we agree to allow our guest to explore it by themselves.
  • Entrance Fee : Prambanan Complex Area/Borobudur Area.
    Please prepare cash for entrance Prambanan/Borobudur:
    − Prambanan Complex approximately at USD 25/person.
    − Ratu Boko approximately at USD 25/person.
    − Borobudur Complex approximately at USD25/person.
    If you prefer to see sunrise/sunset in BOROBUDUR from MANOHARA, please see below the package pricing from MANOHARA :
    − Foreigner Visitor : IDR 450.000 per person
    − Domestic Visitor : IDR 325.000 per person
    − Foreigner Visitor : IDR 225.000 per person
    − Domestic Visitor : IDR 162.500 per person
  • Activities in Tembi Village. Cost estimation for village activities USD 12/person/activities.

    NOTE - Cost Additional if any:
  • Room extension at Prawirotaman Village (Superior) : IDR 650,000/night-include Breakfast
  • Extra Bed at : IDR 275,000/night-include Breakfast
  • Surcharge will be applied on :
    Long Weekend, Idul Fitri (4 days prior & 7 days after), Christmas (1 day prior & until New Year), and New Year (until 3 days after)
  • High Season Hotel Surcharge : approximately IDR 250,000 - IDR 300,000/room/night
  • High Season Transportation Surcharge : approximately IDR 150,000 - IDR 200,000/car/day

  • 5 years old below : free of charge, except for extra bed.
  • 6 years old above : 50% from Adult's Pricing.
  • 8 years old above : full pricing same as adult.

  • Reservation must be in made 10-14 days prior the arrival.
  • Reservation may proceed by:
    − Email to butiktripinfo@gmail.com
    − Click to RESERVATION FORM in website

  • Payment subject up to 3 installments, which is :
    − 1st Installment : IDR 5,000,000 (upon RESERVATION).
    − 2nd Installment : 50% from the balance (14 days prior the arrival).
    − 3rd Installment : 50% from the balance (7 days prior the arrival).
  • Our payment methods will be:
    − Credit Card Processing in website (additional 3,1% fee for credit card processing).

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  • If payment has not been received as above agreement, Butik Trip will undertake unilateral cancellation and there will be no refund deposit for this matter.
  • Butik trip will not be liable to changes or circumstances caused by force majeure (by weather, local tradition, and political condition).